Elisa Giovannetti Locori

actress  •  theatre trainer  •  cultural activist

Elisa Giovannetti Locori is an Italian actress graduated from the Italian National Academy of Dramatic Art Silvio d’Amico.  After three years in Paris, she is currently based in Cologne, while collaborating as actress,  theatre trainer and cultural embassador for several european institutions.

Workshop Leader for “AkzepTanz” a RRCGN dance and Theatre Workshop (Cologne, DE)
Actress in “À fleur de Larmes” (Paris, FR)
Actress and co-director in “et ça tombe bien !“, with Bramante Teatro Association (Paris, FR)
Director in “Courgettes&Chaos“(Cologne, DE)
Theatre Pedagogist for Ernst Simons Realschule and Maximilian Kolbe Gymnasium (Cologne, DE)
Workshop leader for Spielraum Association, Deutsche Sporthochschule (Cologne, DE)

Workshop leader for THEATRO association, physical theatre workshops in english and german
Actress for the Italian Institute of Culture, reading for Gianni Rodari’s centennial (Lisbon, PT)
Actress in „Killing Anton“, Port in Air company (Cologne, DE)
Theatre Pedagogist for Ernst Simons Realschule and Maximilian Kolbe Gymnasium
Workshop leader for the Italin Institute of Culture (Cologne, DE)
Workshop leader for Spielraum Association, Deutsche Sporthochschule (Cologne, DE)

Actress in “Your Rain, My Rain”, Port in Air Company (Köln, DE)
Assistant director for “Kraft und Beistand”, Sommerblut Festival (Köln, DE)
Assistant director for “Instinkte, a theory of change , directed by Nicole Nagel (Köln, DE)
Workshop Leader for the Italian Institute of Culture (Köln, DE)
Workshop Leader for the AStA of the Hochscule für Musik und Tanz (Köln, DE)
and Trainer for DeTalks project, Roots&Routes Association (DE/IT/FR/S/HUN/GR)
(ita/eng) for Maria Shmaevich’s biomechanic summer workshop (Lucca, IT)
(eng/fr/ita) for international theatre workshops , Prima del Teatro (Pisa, IT)
Theatre pedagogist
for the Ernst Simone Realschule (Köln, DE)

Actress in “Why so all at once at Home?”, Port in Air Company (Köln, DE)
Artistic Curator for Good Chance Theatre (Paris, FR).
Director and Workshop Leader for “Gli Erranti” (Mantua, IT)
Workshop Leader for Root & Routes, CulTrees project (Larissa, GR)
Assistant director for “NO-GO-AREA”, Futur3 company, Sommerblut Festival (Köln, DE)
Workshop Leader for the Musikhochschule Köln AStA.
Translater (it/fr-fr/it) for Prima del Teatro ,theatre summer workshops (Pisa,IT)

Trainer and Assistant director for “Fish in Styx”, Port in Air Company (Köln, DE)
Workshop Leader and director für “Gli Erranti/ The Wanderers”, artistic residency (Mantua, IT)
Interpreter (French/Italian- Italian/French) for Prima del Teatro, International Theatre workshop in San Miniato (IT)
Workshop Leader for Good Chance Theatre (Paris, FR)
Workshop Leader , physical theatre workshops (Köln, DE)

Actress in “Autre”,ToutFaitMain Company, directed by Souphiène Amiar (Geneva, CHE)
Director for ““Gli Erranti Project” (Paris,France)
Workshop Leader for Good Chance Theatre (Calais FR) und for Hutto Project (Berlin, DE)
Selected Artist and Workshop Leader for the 35° ITI Weltkongress organised by UNESCO (Manaus, BRA)
Interpreter (French/Italian- Italian/French) for “Prima del Teatro”,International Theatreworkshops in San Miniato (IT)

Actress in “I don´t undestand, but at least I understand that I don´t understand”, Camelia Kongsi company (Brüssel und Gaasbeek, BE).
Actress and Director in “Dans un bar”, physical theatre solo. Minimo Teatro festival (Palermo IT)
Workshop Leader in primary schools in collaboration with Rebús Mime Association (Paris, FR)

Actress in “Der Grüne Kakadu” by Schnitzler, directed by Federico Tiezzi (Pistoia, IT)
Cultural Ambassador for Italy in “Rencontres Internationales” FTA (Montréal, CDN)
Actress in “Mon enemi n´a pas de visage”. Physical theatre and livemusic performance with ATTAC association (Paris, FR).

Actress for “the famous invasion of bears in Sicily” directed by Marco Baliani (Rome, IT)
Actress for Cantiere Obraz (Lucca, IT)
Workshop leader, theatre for primary schools in Rome
Theatre activist for Teatro Valle Occupato (Rome, IT)

Actress in “Maskerad”, directed by Maria Shmaevich and Nikolaj Karpov (Lucca, IT)
Theatre Activist for Teatro Valle Occupato (Rome , IT)

Graduation by National Academy of Drama “Silvio d’Amico”



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