Good Chance Theatre

First of all , I urge you to go visit their website and see the amazing work that both the French and British team are doing.

I started my experience with the Good Chance Theatre as volunteer, offering physical theatre workshop in the refugee camp once known as “the Jungle” in Calais, in Northern France.
After a couple of years they offered me a job as artistic curator in their new space in Paris, where they were (and are) continuing their cultural activity after the evacuation of the Jungle.
It has been an amazing experience in both roles:

as a trainer in such an extreme situation, my main work has been trying out different non-verbal strategies to connect very different ethnicities, cultural mindsets and, of course, psychological specificities.

As a curator, my main concern was to make sure that our theatre, even though it was a very special theatre, would be perceived as a theatre. And our performers, even though they were very special performers, would be perceived as performers; it was important to me that our audience could recognize the incredible healing and productive power of the theatrical experience: not a pitiful act of mercy, nor a hopeless attempt to soften the refugee experience with the so called “distractions”; our theatre was the space where we were showing that the peaceful multicultural world people discuss about was already happening, it was working , and it was wonderful.

I am grateful to each and every person I met in these wonderful years.

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