The Wanderers

Gli Erranti/ The Wanderers
a desire for a play

“Errare” has a double meaning: in the first part of the latin proverb “Errare humanum est” the meaning seems to be “to err” or “to be mistaken” , but as a theatrical action we want to get back also the other sense of this verb, which means simply “to wander “.
For those who come from Etienne Decroux’s training there is an important play dedicated to the Master’s technique which also has a title that we’ve always loved: “L’homme qui voulait rester débout” (The man who preferred to stand). In this play, which is certainly far from the aesthetic universe of pure mime gestuel, we tried to give continuity to the meaning we perceived in Decroux’s research by making that Man advance.
“Errare” means taking the risk of falling, of being lost and -very often- to be alone. In a certain way, this is the noblest challenge for someone who honours himself with the dignity of standing. This moving Ego, in precarious balance between the choices and cases of life, is the subject of this play.