Elisa Giovannetti Locori


I was not one of those children who wanted to be a rock star or a ballerina, let alone to be an actress.

I started this journey because at some point, when I was more or less 15 and I thought I had a pretty clear view  of who I was and what I wanted to do, I asked myself if that was it: if that really was all I needed to know about myself.
So, as for many others before me, “What if…?” is the question that pushed me to step into my first theatre workshop at high school, then to send the application for the National Academy, and, afterwards, to accept Maria Shmaevich and Nikolaj Karpov’s invitation to perform in their play, to dare say yes to my first experiences on set, to welcome the collaboration with colleagues of other disciplines , to move to France, and then to Germany, and many other circumnstances that would make this list just too long.
I would lie if I would say that it was always easy, and that I found a solution to all the fears,doubts and uncertainties that were constantly chasing me during this journey. What I can say, though, is that even if I didn’t find a final answer, each time that I think of that 15 years old me, I am very glad I decided to make that first question.

About Me

Brown Eyes

Dark Brown Hair

1.73 m tall

Language skills

Italian (native),


German (Intermediate)



  • Actress in “À fleur de larmes” (Paris/Melun, FR)
  • Actress and co-director in “…et ça tombe bien !” (Cologne, DE)
  • Director in “Courgettes&Chaos”(Cologne, DE)
  • Educator in theatre workshops for Ernst Simons Realschule and Maximilian Kolbe Gymnasium (Cologne, DE)
  • Workshop leader for Spielraum Association, Deutsche Sporthochschule (Cologne, DE)


  • Actress for the IIC (Italian Institute of Culture) , reading for Gianni Rodari’s centennial (Lisbon, PT)
  • Workshop leader for THEATRO association, physical theatre workshop in english and german (Rome, IT)
  • Actress in „Killing Anton“, Port in Air company (Cologne, DE)
  • Educator in theatre workshops for Ernst Simons Realschule and Maximilian Kolbe Gymnasium (Cologne, DE)


  • Actress in “Your Rain, My Rain”, Port in Air Company (Köln, DE)
  • Assistant director for “Kraft und Beistand”, Sommerblut Festival (Köln, DE)
  • Assistant director for Instinkte, a theory of change , directed by Nicole Nagel (Köln, DE)
  • Researcher and trainer for Roots&Routes Association, “DeTalks” project (DE/IT/FR/S/HUN/GR)
  • Translater (ita/eng) for Maria Shmaevich’s biomechanics workshop (Lucca, IT)
  • Translater (it/eng/fr) for  international theatre workshops, “Prima del Teatro” (Pisa, IT)
  • Theatre pedagogist for Ernst Simons Realschule (Cologne, DE)
  • Workshop leader,physical theatre workshop for the AStA for die Hochschule für Musik und Tanz (Cologne, DE)


  • Actress in “Why so all at once at Home?”, Port in Air Company (Köln, DE)
  • Director and workshop leader for “Gli Erranti” (Mantua, IT)
  • Workshop Leader for Root & Routes, CulTrees project (Larissa, GR)
  • Assistant director for “NO-GO-AREA”, Futur 3 company, Sommerblut Festival (Köln, DE).
  • Artistic Curator for Good Chance Theatre (Paris, FR).
  • Workshop Leader for the AStA of the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz (Cologne, DE)
  • Translater (ita/eng/fr) for international theatre festival Prima del Teatro (Pisa, IT)


  • Trainer and Assistant director for “Fish in Styx”, Port in Air Company (Cologne, DE)
  • Workshop Leader für “Gli Erranti/ The Wonderers”, artistic residency (Mantua, IT)
  • Workshop Leader, physical theatre workshops (Cologne, DE)
  • Translater (French/Italian- Italian/French) for “Prima del Teatro”. International Theatre workshop in San Miniato (IT)


  • Actress in “Autre”,ToutFaitMain Company, directed by Souphiène Amiar. (Geneva, CHE)
  • Director for ““Gli Erranti\ The Wanderers” (Paris,France)
  • Workshop Leader for Good Chance Theatre (Calais FR) und for Hutto Project (Berlin, DE)
  • Selected Artist and Workshop Leader for the 35° ITI Weltkongress organised by UNESCO (Manaus, BRA)
  • Interpreter (French/Italian- Italian/French) for “Prima del Teatro”. International Theatreworkshops in San Miniato (IT)
  • Actress in “I don´t undestand, but at least I understand that I don´t understand”, Camelia Kongsi company (Brüssel und Gaasbeek, BE).
  • Actress and Director in “Dans un bar”, physical theatre solo. Minimo Teatro festival (Palermo IT)
  • Workshop Leader in primary schools in collaboration with Rebús Mime Association (Paris, FR)
  • Actress in “Der Grüne Kakadu” by Schnitzler, directed by Federico Tiezzi (Pistoia, IT)
  • Cultural Ambassador for Italy in “Rencontres Internationales” FTA (Montréal, CDN)
  • Actress in “Mon enemi n´a pas de visage”. Physical theatre and livemusic performance with ATTAC association (Paris, FR).
  • Actress in “The Bear’s Famous invasion of Sicily” by Dino Buzzati, directed by Marco Baliani. Auditorium Parco delle Musica, Rome. Collaboration with the Youht Orchestra of Santa Cecilia’s Conservatory (Rome, IT)
  • Actress in “Maskarad”, directed by Maria Shmaevich and Nikolaj Karpov (Lucca, IT)